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Curses: Part 2

Event #5: Feb 23, 2006: I drive SB to take care of his ticket and such. I take my car to the insurance appraiser. Everything seems like it’s on track. Event #6: Feb 24, 2006: SB drives *his* car to a friend’s house. Upon turning onto friend’s street, car jars like it hit something huge [...]

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‘Cuz I Like It

I like the show “The Office”. I like New Wave music. SteelBuddha pointed out the Ricky Gervais (David Brent) was in a new wave band in the ’80s. So we tracked down this song: More To Lose – Seona Dancing

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I don’t know what old gypsy woman SteelBuddha wronged as a teen, but that guy is cursed! Something happens to him and then, over an unpredictable amount of time, other thigs happen, and it all culminates into one huge cluster that really should have been unrelated had it been anyone but SB. Let’s start over… [...]

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Valentine’s Day

A day for love and romance? Not necessarily, but it’s an excuse for small, fun gifts and eating out. I didn’t have class today, but I had (and have) a lot of classwork to do for tomorrow, so I plugged away all day with only a short break to get some Chin’s for lunch, as [...]

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Candy (con.)

Uh, Beeman’s tastes like Pepto Bismol. But I guess this old ad explains it: I’m kinda surprised that the gum wrapper never mentions it being intended for indigestion…

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Old-Fashioned Candy…

I recently purchased some “retro candy,” partly because I’m fond of Clove gum and partly because I needed giant lollipops for a project and there was a minimum purchase for the online candy store where I was shopping. So I bought Steelbuddha some Big League Chew- which has caused a heavy grape scent in the [...]

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Still Pitiful

I’m still sick. I went to classes on Monday and Wednesday, but I haven’t been able to do much else. Tuesday night I slept terribly, so last night I decided to take Ny-Quil. Ten hours later, I am still delirious, unable to drive, read, etc. I think I won’t do that again. I should stick [...]

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