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You can use a potion on South Beach…

When nerds become weight conscious, weird things like this are said. Well, this wasn’t as much “said” as “heard”. I’m a bit silly at the moment. I really should be getting more work done.

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Not that I set out expecting to be disappointed…

“V for Vendetta” was not what it should have been. I understand why Alan Moore (the author of the book) had his name removed from the movie altogether. I am disappointed that the Wachowski brothers would sell out so badly on this. The manufactured love story absolutely destroyed everything the character V was supposed to [...]

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By God, I think the Devil shits Dutchmen

Stayed up all night reading a book about The German Peasants’ War and Anabaptism for a presentation today. I’m a little punchy. We’d all be immortal if Death came from Madrid.

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I’m Going Far In Life…Via Bus

After class today, I took the bus home. I was the only one waiting for the bus until it pulled up, when some squirrelly undergrad boys clammered around. Since I was at the front on the line, I let the doors open, counted about 3 seconds in my head while waiting to see if anyone [...]

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In Honor of his Birthday…

I would like to share this photo with everyone- SteelBuddha rendered in cheeseball form: This photo is from one of his coworkers, and the cheeseball was from a company function. It is too funny. Happy Birthday!

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Just Visiting: 10 Year Reunion

I’m sure everyone’s reunion is weird. My class of 1995 didn’t have one. SteelBuddha’s class of 1995 did, however, and it was last Saturday. It is weird in a different way to be a participant in the current life colliding with the past life. I am a glitchy person. I am not so bad when [...]

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Chat Up Raggedy Android Day – Sunday March 12

Ok, Sunday was just plain weird. Saturday night I got home at 4am (yeah, yeah, Sunday morning, let’s not worry about semantics). I had to leave Sunday morning at 11am to make a 1pm rehearsal 2 hours away (yes, the math adds up). I was feeling very unpleasant, but I knew I *had* to go [...]

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Spring Break: In Review

Last weekend was the beginning of my spring break. First of all, I planned on catching up on my schoolwork over spring break. At this point, Wednesday night, I have yet to touch a schoolbook except to move it out of the way. But I have been productive in other ways… Sunday, I had a [...]

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Tune of the Day

Evangelion: Engel omg hot!

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Matrix

I am a big fan of Jet Li. That fact is not lessened by his decision to turn down the part of Seriph in The Matrix or the lead in CR,HD. Why would he turn down such roles..? But there was a reason why I couldn’t do Crouching Tiger, and it dates back to ten [...]

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Beef-flavored N.A. Flat Beer

That’s it. The title says all that I have to say. Go here for more, if you need it.

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Bad Business

In case you don’t know, I have an online store. I also have an eBay store. So, today, I received an email from a customer that said his package has arrived. I tried to send a response, but all I could think of was- “Well, yeah, that’s what it was supposed to do. You give [...]

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