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Platinum Blonde

Well, I am currently a pale blonde. My goal is to get my hair white, but that’s probably the most difficult color to achieve. And right now, my scalp is pissed at me for the chemical abuse. I may even have to reschedule my haircut until my scalp repairs a bit. Not sure. I’ll see [...]

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Dogs don’t write memoirs, especially dead ones

See, these really funny quotes emerge out of my Renaissance and Reformation class, but I can never explain them to make them funny again. Context: Ivan the Terrible

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Can I breathe now?

Ok, so I submitted my draft yesterday. It was 18 pages; the final draft must be 25. I thought this was bad, but there are only 7 of us and I saw at least two other drafts that were 10 pages at most. So I’m probably average, and I can deal with being average in [...]

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Bumper Fallin’ off the Car Funk

My buddy Chris called and brightened my day. He and his wife are expecting! My day has been trippy, though. While failing to write, I was contacted by several folks from high school that I have not seen since, well, high school. My day has been such that it exists outside of my regular life. [...]

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I’m really stressing

I have a big draft due tomorrow and I just have a block. I can’t focus, I can’t sleep soundly. Last night I had a series of trippy dreams. Then I would dream that I woke up and analyzed the stress dreams I was having. Then I would go back to a stress dream, only [...]

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Bare minimum girl

I’ve always considered myself a bare minimum type of girl. I do the bare minimum that is required to reach what I deem to be an acceptable goal. In high school, this was called “A-”. I skittered around 90% for my entire school career. And now, in grad school, this has changed to “AB”. There [...]

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I *can* get behind that

Now, my friends from all walks know me as shockingly prim and proper for a punk rock goddess. Sometimes they get a good chuckle out of my blushing and pitifully unnatural delivery of the rare profanity. But I really did get a kick out of the following bit: Go here and select “Nerd Porn Auteur” [...]

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Ten Years Ago

I got this from my college roomie, Anne, with whom I was living at this time, so it’s tres apropos: Ten Years ago, it was early 1996. Take this survey, post the results, and see how many things have changed since then. Q1) How old were you? 19 Q2) What Grade Were you in? College [...]

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Thanks for writing!

It looks like in the last couple weeks, people have started to comment on my blog! I didn’t realize that, because since starting my blog 1.5 years ago (well, really writing last fall) I had about 4 comments. But today I decided to clear out my spam comments (of which there was over 300) only [...]

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Butt Hatte

Ok, so I was reading this chanson de geste entitled Huon de Bordeaux for a research paper. The last page of the book had the following engraving. Now, my first thought was “This is kinda pretty; I like the vines and cross shape; it might make a good tattoo on the lower back.” But then [...]

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Boston Crane Collapses, Killing at Least 3

When my Mom emailed me this article, my first thought was “Wow, that was a big bird.” But really, it is about a crane and scaffolding collapsing while building a new dorm next to my old building. (In this diagram, it is the outlined building.) No students were killed, but it’s still tragic. And very [...]

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