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Rock Out With Your Stock Out

So this weekend is the Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous. First big event of the year for RVC (though I figure 4th Mass has been doing NWTA stuff for a while). At last Sunday’s rehearsal, it was brought to my attention that the event website has a photo of me and SteelBuddha from last year. And [...]

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799 Spam

Since my post on May 10, I have received 799 spam comment attempts, so if you tried to comment on my blog, it is possible that it was deleted. My apologies for the inconvenience. We do what we can.

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The best laid plans

After submitting my research papers, it was my plan to slowly work through the piles of “To Do” that had been accumulating this semester. I thought I had until early June. But I found out Friday night that summer school starts today. My plan to spend a week or two cleaning fell through. Last week, [...]

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(stolen from Automated Robot) Tired of questions by 15, 16, 17 year olds who have never lived in the real world? Here’s one for the folks who have actually lived. 1. Worst damage you ever took in a fight? Never really been in a physical fight. I’ve sustained more self-inflicted (accidental or otherwise) damage than [...]

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Day 1: Twah-Dump

Thursday, May 4 I spent all day packing and preparing for Anime Central, the first multi-day event I’ve ever attended for my shop. At about 5:45, Sixpence arrived with her dad’s SUV, which we packed to the absolute ceiling and then had to bungie two bags to the roof. By 7pm, we were on the [...]

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Totally Stolen Link

Ok, SB posted this, but it cracks me up, so in the rare case you read this and not his, follow this link and get a chuckle. Then absorb its message.

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