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Tune of the Day

Crackerjack Junction: Celebration Song Delightful!

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The world is not against you

You may think the world is against you, but it really isn’t. There is a me-against-the-world heroic ideal that is understandable, but why romanticize so unwaiveringly about something as mundane as a day-job? Why not focus your energy on something you find worthwhile? And if the world is still against you, at least you know [...]

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Find the Stink

Everyone at one point or another in their lives has played the age old game “Find the mystery smell in the place.” If you haven’t, then you suffer from OCD. Today, I won this game. It was a 3-move game. My initial move was to run the garbage disposal. SB countered with a put-a-citrus-fruit-in-the-disposal play. [...]

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