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SF: Entry #17

Got my second exam back yesterday…87%. The average was 88%. Ah well. I am destined to be just below average. I’m not going to sweat it. While I was reading my book at lunch today, a tiny bird sat down on the bench next to me. It moved as if it were stop-motion animated or [...]

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SF: Entry #16

Last night was my first night sleeping on the new sofa bed. It was quite nice, and I slept rather well, which was much needed after Monday night. Had my second exam today. Yesterday, I wasn’t so sure I had a grasp on any of the immense quantities of new material. But at about 9:20 [...]

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SF: Entry #15

Another weird day. The day got off to a bad start because I slept poorly last night. I was in a dizzy daze all morning, wandering. I’m not sure how I made it to class; I left early, which was good, because I took the wrong train, then fell asleep, then I zoned out walking [...]

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SF: Entry #14

Today was weird. I received an email late last night canceling our morning session of class today. It turns out that a member of the classics dept at Berkeley (colleague and friend to our instructors) was in a severe cycling accident and that things weren’t looking good for her. So class was low key and [...]

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SF: Entry #13

Lunch. (brought to you by Karl’s Jr) We went to the pride parade today. We only watched the first hour, but that was enough to get a nice burn on my arms. Check back soon for photos, because I need to do some cropping. For the afternoon and evening, I played in Chad’s current Changeling [...]

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SF: Entry #12

More photos uploaded! Today, Chad and I went to Golden Gate Park. This visit included a trip to the Japanese Tea Garden and the De Young Art Museum. Check out the photos for the loveliness. I was able to get some photos of cool exhibits, but I was not permitted to take photos on the [...]

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SF: Entry #11

Friday. Rest time. My quiz today was pretty pitiful. It took me too long, and I didn’t finish my last sentence, so I wrote half of a sentence and concluded by writing “Ack”. After class, we had a short lecture about sculpture and architecture in Aphrodisias. It was followed by wine, cheese and lively discussion. [...]

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SF: Entry #10

Well, this afternoon I was both surprised and disappointed. I got a 93% on my exam. This wouldn’t have been so bad, except they mentioned that the average grade was 94%, the mean grade was 95% and the mode grade was 98%. Then I noticed that I had conjugated the verb “to see” as visi [...]

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SF: Entry #9

Yesterday was laundry day. Yeah. There were two laundromats reasonably close; I choose the one slightly farther but without the incline. Unfortunately, this laundromat had a resident “special” person. He asked everyone’s name when they came in, pointed to the machines they should use, told them what buttons to push, notified everyone when the buzzer [...]

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SF: Entry #8

So Chad and I finished the Samurai 7 series. Pretty cool. I am surprised by how much litter there is in San Francisco. But the weather is amazing. It was about 70 today in the sun. It says it’s 54 now that’s it’s evening. It’s on the chillier side. We had a “heat wave” one [...]

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SF: Entry #7

Wow. Hann and Chad can shop like the best of them. We started off the day with a nice bacon and egg breakfast. We then went to Haight Street. And shopped. For hours. Chad had game and had to leave, but Hann and I kept going. A little after 7pm, we took the bus to [...]

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SF: Entry #6

I’ve finally posted photos! Yesterday started out with a nice chat with SB. We also arranged to get my mom’s old car, so when I come home, we will be independently mobile again. We all went to Fisherman’s Wharf yesterday (the closest I’ve been to the bay so far) and had In and Out Burger. [...]

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SF: Entry #5

Berkeley campus is like a movie campus. Campuses in college movies never seemed realistic, particularly after attending two very urbanly-located schools. While Berkeley is in a city, the campus is huge and somewhat enclosed. The buildings are massive and classic in a ritzy way. There are woods and streams everywhere, so sometimes one can’t even [...]

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SF: Entry #4

Nisi poetae feminas saxis veniaque cum diligentiam magnam pellerent nauta patriam reginae pulchrae non incoleret. These are the types of weird, lame sentences we have to translate with our 4-day knowledge of Latin. (If the poets, with great diligence, were not driving away the women with stones and kindness, the sailor would not inhabit the [...]

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SF: Entry #3

Class is kinda mind-blowing. It’s *so* much information that I’m just exhausted after class and homework. I’m looking forward to the weekend when I might have a moment of repose. Unfortunately, one of my blisters popped today, which made the last uphill half-mile quite a challenge. I ended up walking in my sock. I plan [...]

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SF: Entry #2

Not as much to say today. Last night, Chad made yummy fajitas. I think the big difference was fresh mushrooms. Today was class as usually, plus a few hours of homework. At this rate, I may not have anything interesting to say until the weekend. I did have a yummy cheddar and apple crepe for [...]

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SF: Entry #1

So I suppose the best way to journal my trip is to blog. Day 1: Travel Day. It started off wonky because, due to automotive issues, SB couldn’t drive me to the airport. Sixpence came to the rescue with a ride, but it would’ve been nice not to have a rush-out-the-door good-bye with my man. [...]

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