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I got Level 40 and a CHICKEN!!

I’ve only been playing the damn game since the beta (three years), and my primary goal was to get a mechanical chicken (and make a wardrobe of goggles). Done!

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Raggedy Android

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SF: Final Approach

I started writing this entry in the Atlanta airport, but was called to board, so I am continuing at home. Friday morning we had our final exam. The medieval prose went well, as well as the sight-reading, but I still have trouble with the poetry. The sentence structure is not as intuitive. But it’s done. [...]

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SF: Entry #41

Ok, I admit. I’ve been a little lax on my homework this week. Ovid is still a drag, but we’ve been doing the martyrdom of Thomas Becket in my prose class, and that’s been easy-peasy. Makes me feel like I’ve learned something. Last night, we hit Haight Street and Chinatown again, and tonight we plan [...]

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SF: Entry #40

I had dinner with Chris’s aunt Ann this evening. She sends her best to all. I’ve been thinking about photographs lately since I’ve been taking so many. I’ve been noticing that I look terribly goofy in the photos, but then, so do most everyone else. I think that maybe people with inner beauty are not [...]

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SF: Entry #39

Saturday, I took the bus->subway->train to meet two friends from Emerson, Anne & Beth, for the weekend. We visited Hakone Gardens, wandered around the quaint downtown of Saratoga and had dinner. Afterward, we did a wee bit of shopping until we decided that we *needed* to see Transformers. We went to a theater that we [...]

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In Defense of Riley Finn

Context: While playing a game with friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer came up in a few contexts. At one point, Angel was mentioned, and people were a little groany about him. I said that I never really liked Angel and someone asked, “So you prefer her with Spike?” My reply was, “Actually, I like Riley,” [...]

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SF: Entry #38

TGIF It was a rough week, but I’m still here. The lecture this afternoon was rather dull and long, and at the convivium, people didn’t stick around very long. So Katie, Lauren and I picked up Lauren’s boyfriend Jeff and went for some tasty bbq (and grits and cornbread).  We then hooked up with Chris [...]

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Quid feci?

Nothing to say. Just working. “…the morphology has gone badly wrong here…”

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A Gentleman’s Duel

Chris sent me this, and you all should see it! Very funny. Update: This video seems to have disappeared from all over the internet. The closest thing is a trailer from the creators:

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SF: Entry #37

Did lots of stuff yesterday, with lots of pictures. We first walked to North Beach for lunch. Then we walked to Coit Tower, which is probably most famous for its view. Then we walked to Fisherman’s Wharf, checked out the Ghiradelli mall and had ice cream. Then we took a boat to Alcatraz and toured [...]

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SF: Entry #36

Whew, I’m beat. It’s been a long week. Between spending too much time on homework and a high percentage of food not settling well, it’s been draining. It’s a good thing that I’m surrounded by nice people. The quiz I took yesterday went pretty well. I hope the one today was ok. I hung out [...]

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Daphne & Apollo

Ok, so I was mentioning how I was typing up my translation of Ovid’s Daphne & Apollo, and how she didn’t want to marry him so she prayed to be turned into a tree. Apollo was under Cupid’s spell, and so he hugged and kissed the tree. Chad explained that this was called tree-stiality. Off [...]

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SF: Entry #35

After 7.5 weeks, I finally rode on a trolley yesterday. The wait was 45 minutes and the ride was 10, so I think I’ll stick to the bus. Still, it was quaint. Yesterday I saw my first BART mouse. I had been pretty disappointed because I was used to “T” mice. This BART mouse was [...]

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