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Semester winding up/down

I’m not sure I’ll have a chance to write again before jumping on a plane, so I wanted to let y’all know specifics. Sunday: Seminar prospectus due/submitted Monday: Work 8-2; Study 2-5; Paleography Final 5-10 Tuesday: Work 8-12; Study 12-2; Present prospectus in Seminar 2-4; Present reading in Latin 4-6; Byzantine paper due; go rock [...]

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I serendipitously found a video of my Byzantine prof regarding his excavations in Turkey.

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Feelin’ Good

I am officially going to be a Graduate Assistant for a World History class at Baruch. Now there is no need to worry about not wanting to take that Financial Aid position. This position is half the hours but pays almost as much, *and* it has health benefits. I feel a bit guilty that I [...]

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