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Follow Up

Just some smaller details: -Saw Slumdog Millionaire, which I enjoyed. -Saw Inkheart, which was pretty good, but I must’ve been tired because I fell asleep. Seems like a partial waste of a $12.50 matinee. -Have spent several evenings with Astorian historians at Cronin and Phelans at Broadway and Steinway. -Just bought Watchmen to read again [...]

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Another catch-up

So, the economy keeps affecting my life. Feb 13, I was laid off from Starbucks. I was given no notice (well, 20 minutes notice). I am working every Saturday as a proctor starting this week to supplement. Rumor has it that grad assistantships and adjunct positions are being cut, which is my only way to [...]

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Catch Up

I finished the semester. I got all A’s. I had a nice winter break.Saw family and friends. Had a spa day. Good all around. I flirted with a classmate over text. He asked me on a date. I returned to NYC. I had my French reading proficiency exam. I passed. I had my date. We [...]

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