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Thanks, Darwin

I’m not sure why I showed you my insides. Did I want an ear, a hug, a who knows what? And then, I backed out. It didn’t feel right. The same conversations, our stories repeat. We aren’t making stories cuz we like different stories. And I find that here I make stories alone, it seems. [...]

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The semester is over

And I rocked it once again. At my new job, I’ve been doing some work with assistive technologies. Also I’ve been doing some OCR scanning, and today I read for a blind student. I got some Saturday hours for the next two weeks for double-time. Sweet. This coming weekend is pretty packed. After work, we [...]

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Adventures in Astoria

Ok. Here’s the story. I was back in Astoria, but instead of heading straight home, I was on my way to the post office a few blocks beyond my street on Broadway. At the corner of Crescent and Broadway, I saw an old man fall. I went to help him up and another nearby gal [...]

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