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Always a best buddy…

…never an object of desire or affection. I’m pretty sure I need to go see Repo Men, because watching romances while cleaning today has hammered home a little too acutely my singularity. I need to cleanse my palette with some sci fi and synthetic organs.

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More Train Dreams

It is very grey outside and dozens of white ticket stubs stand erect from the tops of seats like prairie flora, all leaning left as though the wind were blowing. The violin and windchimes through my earphones invoking a sense of feudal anime. The intensity of the music grows, a severe whisper, and I anticipate [...]

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History Conference & Medievalism Extravaganza

Friday was jam-packed but fun. I had to teach at Brooklyn all morning and then run back to midtown to give a paper at the history department conference. It’s much different giving a paper to historians rather than medievalists. First of all, historians don’t necessarily know where Languedoc is or that the troubadours were active [...]

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Taking Steps

…towards what? Step 1) some Tums. My foray into St. Pat’s celebration has left me with some heartburn. Step 2) be ok with nothing. Practice patience. Step 3) focus. Thinking about what I am doing at that moment. Grade when grading. Read when reading. Write when writing. Stop thinking about boys. Step 4) take time [...]

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Tune of the Day

Denis Leary: Traditional Irish Song I remember playing this song with Nate and Phil in the old days. Happy St. Pat’s!

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Kells: Revisited

Ok, with the holiday tomorrow, I’ve been creating a Celtic music playlist. I also have been listening to the Kells soundtrack nearly nonstop, and so I just had a thought about watching the film. I feel that, next time I see it, it would be nice to have it projected on the ceiling, and then [...]

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Tune of the Day

Adriano Celetano – Prisencolinensinainciusol This is way too catchy. Can’t get enough of it.

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Medieval Conference

Medieval Studies had our annual conference today. I helped plan it, though I was largely absentee this past week. Since I had to teach at Brooklyn College this morning, I only made it for the second half. I gave a paper on troubadour debate poems (tensos), and it is pretty good. I do wish I [...]

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The Secret of Kells

I saw Kells. I am still is a daze, a dream that was shared in an intimate cinema, listening to the sighs of the people with me. It didn’t even spoil the dream that I knew the mysterious ink-producing berries were actually oak gall– which develop when a wasp lays its eggs in leaf buds– [...]

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Tune of the Day

Monty Python Meets Star Trek

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