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Update: Today Sucked

Ok, so I went to bed with the hope I would be well enough to teach. However, I woke up in extreme discomfort at 4am, could not fall back asleep because of it until nearly 6am, at which point my fever was high, my throat was swollen, and I cancelled class. You’d think this would [...]

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Down with the sickness

An update for those who don’t check Facebook. I’ve been sick since Monday. Today I actually had to cancel class, and I really need to go to the doctor today. While my fever has general been minor (4 degrees above normal), my sore throat has persisted much longer than usual, and my earache is really [...]

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Eating bread & butter

I had a good deal of fun last evening. But I am not at peace. I cannot seem to gain purchase over things professional or personal.

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