SF: Entry #14

Today was weird. I received an email late last night canceling our morning session of class today. It turns out that a member of the classics dept at Berkeley (colleague and friend to our instructors) was in a severe cycling accident and that things weren’t looking good for her. So class was low key and solemn.

On the way home, I saw someone playing Beethoven on the steel drum. It was very cool. I wished I had had a dollar at the time.

I am appalled at how unabashedly rude European tourists are.

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  1. steelbuddha says:

    We need more data on the European tourist comment, I believe.

  2. Xiad says:

    agreed. what part of europe, and/or what happened?

  3. It’s just a general thing. They are just inconsiderate. The block walkways, shove you around, are totally oblivious that anyone exists but them. You’d think they were Americans.

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