I found a napkin with writing on it

I wanted to share this bit with the world. I went to the mall a couple years back to fill out job applications at Hot Topic & Torrid. (Don’t laugh; it makes me cry on the inside.) The last bit of the application had several blank lines that were indicated as “Any additional information”. So I decided I would write a sonnet, since it qualifies as additional information. I first wrote it on a napkin from the food court before transfering it to the applications:

>> It’s not that it’s bad,
merely unexpected,
not enough to reject it
or even make me mad.

I ordered a medium size.
He grabbed the paper cup
and picked the drippy pitcher up,
a blank look in his eyes.

He poured me some of the orange schlock.
I took a sip, and it would seem
the drink was less orange and more vanilla creme,
a melted dreamsicle in a sweaty sock.

I’m not saying that the place is dubious,
but next time I won’t order the Orange Julius.<<

I was never hired.


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