What to do with my walls

I have 4.3 rather tall walls that, once painted, will still need some spicing up. I’m having a tough time deciding between “art” and “photography”. I might be able to swing both if I group them on different walls. Opinions?

Art: Theme One: Botanicals (larger prints)

Art: Theme Two: Graphic (smaller prints)

Photography: Theme Three: Nature

Photography: Theme Four: Textures & Shapes

PS. I swapped the groupings around slightly between Friday and Sunday.  I’m thinking that grouping the photos in two large “galleries” might be cool.

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5 Responses to What to do with my walls

  1. Sixpence says:

    I like 2 & 4 – especially if you’re going with the red theme….

  2. Mom says:

    Nah. Go for original art: Joe Bruns and Rich Thomas. Bet you could get discounts!
    xoxo Mom

  3. I found this cool collage frame, so I think I might get the photos all 4×6 and put them in one frame. But that would mean that I still have lots of space for dolling up with art (in my style).

  4. steelbuddha says:

    I’m with sixpence.

  5. Loricious says:

    Theme 3. Of course. Nay-CHA!

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