I’m Falling again. Falling. I don’t know why it happens. The Autumn comes and I feel it. It gets inside me and things change. I can’t explain as succinctly as I’d like. Unreal? Surreal? No, I think it may be extra real.
The Falling is intensity. Intensity of the senses. Intensity of emotions. Intensity of certain energies. It is the time that you are drawn to the earth. You lose control and yet you take control. I will attempt to elaborate and in the second person so may understand how I feel.
Senses are Falling.
Sight is disorienting. One day, the greyness makes all other colours exceptionally brilliant. The next, the greyness drains the life from you. It is difficult to know when to look and when to see. Sometimes opening your eyes makes everything unbearable. And that is why you have other senses.
Hear the Falling. It is more difficult to hear the falling than other times. It is the most quiet. Most beings fear the Falling. People and animals go indoors and birds leave. Emerge and listen. You can hear feelings on the wind. Whispers of the past, whispers of life and of death, whispers of the forgotten that still exist beyond sight. Because of this enhanced state, emanation and absorption of music and the emotions carried therein is most potent.
Scent enraptures. It penetrates thoroughly and energizes. The scent of decaying earth and chill is intoxicating. It makes you cry with the severity of every breath.
Taste the wind. Dry, damp, wet. The sky is full of flavours, a cold earthy delicacy. Learn through taste. Discover through taste. The air, the earth, the wrist, the neck, the naval.
Touch the earth. Brittle leaves and dusty soil. Swim in the cool grass (it’s the only time I’m not allergic to it). Touch the air. Spread your arms and embrace the wind; it’s compulsory. Your muscles ache with longing for touch. Envelope in your arms, chest to chest, hearts in exquisite unison. Feel with your entire self. Feel with arms and legs, stomach and back. Brush softly with your face; and smell and taste and listen and experience. Senses are Falling. Ultimate sensuousness.

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