Remembering the Sky

Conditions: optimal for aviation
We slip into our black military issue wings
in preparation for an evening of flight.
Our weighty boots seem light tonight.
But nothing can drown out the deafening silence.
I put my hand in my pockets.
Adjust flaps
We roll down the pavement, making our approach.
My hair whips about my face.
Adjust vector to account for wind speed and velocity
We round the corner.
I break into a run.
Once I reach speed, I pull up.
He follows close behind.
Two vessels in flight, together but forever apart.
I pick up speed until the wind begins to scream around me.
Or maybe it’s me who is screaming.
But when I reach mach one, I can hear nothing else.
The extreme acceleration constricts my body and I like it.
Eternity passes and I’m in the sky.
We’ll meet up on the ground again,
(falling 1)

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