Which Starfleet Captain Are You?

janeway wallpaper
You are Captain Janeway!
One of Starfleet’s finest Captains, your style is
unique in that you encapsulate the spirit of
the Federation’s highest ideals. Out in the
Delta Quadrant, you came across more unknowns
than any other officer in Starfleet. Your
victories over the Borg Queen several times, as
well as species 8472, have marked you as one of
the most innovative Captains in Starfleet
history. This is partly due to your ability to
think “outside the box” . Your crew
will not only die for you, they will and have
been to the ends of the Galaxy with you.

Which Starfleet Captain Are You?
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  1. SixPence says:

    You are Captain Picard!

    One of Starfleet’s living ledgends, you have saved the Federation many times over. Your battle experience has pioneered many strategies and maneuvers that will prove to be valuable tactics in many battles to come. Your crew trusts you implicitly. However, you do have a tendency to keep too much emotion bottled up inside. You need to do Beverly Crusher in a bad way. The thing most missing in your life, has been right in front of your face for too many years. Your distance from your crew has given you the perspetive to make the tough decisions, but at great cost to your own emotional well being. If you open this side of yourself, you will only enhance your love of humanity and desire to protect it, not hinder it. Take someone into your heart Jean Luc.