Party Time!

I had a get together on Saturday. It was gobs of fun. Originally planned as a candle party, it expanded beyond the limits of girly in-home sales parties.

We played SceneIt, Scrabble and SoulCaliber2. We chatted and such, because we are adults now. (Scary) We partook of Chinese (which made me sick as a dog on Sunday. Or it could have been the excessive liquid sugar I consumed in the misleading form of fruit juice. All the sugar of 10 apples with none of the fiber! …blech)

I got to meet the adorable Gaz. Also, Sixpence made me an awesome purse for my b-day! Sixpence (lucky girl) had to leave the party for a while to get inked for her birthday.

We really are geeky gals. Sixpence just got her Final Fantasy tattoo, but I am considering covering up Black Spiral Dancer glyph (White Wolf’s Werewolf). I don’t howl at the moon quite so much anymore…

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