Let it Snowplow

It’s been snowing quite a bit lately. It’s really nice when I’m sitting in my living room looking out, but I haven’t used my car in a week, so I need to shovel it off, and, well, the shovel is it the trunk that’s buried by snow.

Anyway, I bet you can guess what I’m doing…
…not really writing my paper.

It’s my last paper, due Monday morning. I almost have 1 of 8-18 pages written. Oh, and I finished the cover and bibliography :\
Kinda makes a bread sandwich.

I’ve seen my best bud and his wife a few times this week, and they are in somewhat better spirits. I know it’s difficult, but I’m glad they are the kind of people that focus on the positive.

So last I wrote, it was the Friday night after Thanksgiving.
Saturday, I went to my mom’s place. We were actually on time. That disaster pie ended up being salvageable, so I brought it. After eating, we played cards (third day in a row we played cards). I think it’s a way to spend social time with family, because you don’t necessarily have much in common with them except genetics. But you don’t want to say, “Thanks for the grub. I’m outta here.”
On the day we do Thanksgiving with my mom, we traditionally go to the movies also. This year we saw Walk the Line. It was ok. Good acting. Good music. Not particularly memorable. If I hadn’t insisted on seeing Harry Potter for my birthday flick, we could’ve seen that. (Heck, I would’ve been happy seing it again, but I don’t know if my mom or brother would’ve wanted to.) My buddy and his wife came along, a little ragged but sticking it out. We then retired for some pie, chitchat and more cards. Eventually, we left about 9:30 so that I could work on my the three papers due that Monday.
Sunday at 8pm, I finished my art history paper. Then I watched a movie about which I needed to write an essay. Finished all that in the wee hours. Went to school Monday, and emptied my bookbag. One paper left.

On a more frustrating note, I have not yet heard back from the grad school about my application. Last week, I called asking about the status, and I was told my application was incomplete. Ok, so here’s the semi-long story.
In September, I met with the head of the history grad dept. I told him that I had been out of school long enough that I could not get any academic letters of recommendation. He said that because I was taking classes at the school already that it wouldn’t be necessary; they can just talk to the faculty that know me.
When late-November hit, I called the grad school (the all-compassing entity, not history). They said that I still needed my letters of recommendation. I said I can’t get them and that I was led to believe I didn’t need them. They said I need them, and I should get them from co-workers and so forth. Three weeks left before Christmas break (now two weeks) and I’m scrounging for letters. I have no idea if my application will even be reviewed in time to start the spring semester.
Officially screwed by the bureaucracy.

Well, I better get back to my last (of eight, not including a 5-7 page take-home essay) paper.

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