Cockroach Vendor

S.B. is currently playing WoW, and he came across a guy selling pet cockroaches. I think that marketing would be more successful if the monger called them “Palmetto Pals.”

I made it to all of my classes save for that 8am one (5 of 6 t’ain’t so bad). My two quizzes were so-so, but I was pretty delirious all day. I turned in my paper, and there was great rejoicing. I napped from 4-5pm before my night class, and my body almost didn’t let me move to get up for my night class. I’ve officially been up for 34 hours minus the hour nap that I forced myself to take, though it may have been better not to because it didn’t really do anything for me and it ruined my awake streak.

While waiting for the bus this evening, I had a conversation about Highland Winter Games, tossing giant boulders of snow and shovel tossing (which devolved into comments about throwing your knee or back further than throwing a caber). You see, here in Milwaukee, it gets pretty cold. It seems colder and snowier this year than recent Decembers, which bums me out a bit, but for a few years there, I enjoyed the luxury of safe driving over the holidays.

I’m chatting, but I’m not really saying anything. S.B. calls this non-versation.
Be quiet. Get some dinner. Get some sleep.
Chinese food has now been ordered, which is totally uncharacteristic, but I am pizza-ed out, and S.B. doesn’t feel like the Shuttle, and I surely will not cook. Listen to me continue to say nothing. Who cares what I am eating for dinner? Even *I* don’t.

“Palmetto Pals, now with fall off the curtain onto your head action! Playsets sold separately.”

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