Exam Week

1/2 exam down
5-1/2 exams to go

Monday, I had an exam, but the long take-home essay is due Friday, which means it’s not done (or started).

Tuesday, I have three exams. I have been pitiful about studying, so even though I was home at 4pm, I did not start studying until after 7pm. For *three* exams. I am a lamebrain sometimes. See, I am writing in this blog and not studying. I will probably be up all night.

Wednesday, I only have one exam, in the evening, so I will study for that one thoughout the day and writ the short take-home essay for it.

Thursday, I have no exams, which means I will write my large take-home essay and study for my last exam.

Friday, I have one exam and will be happy when it’s over.

But small steps. First I will look forward to Tuesday at 3pm, the end of seven straight hours of exams.

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