Old-Fashioned Candy…

I recently purchased some “retro candy,” partly because I’m fond of Clove gum and partly because I needed giant lollipops for a project and there was a minimum purchase for the online candy store where I was shopping. So I bought Steelbuddha some Big League Chew- which has caused a heavy grape scent in the ‘office’ but fortunately no sticky bits in his beard- and I purchased some Violet candy for myself (in addition to the Clove gum). There’s something fun about eating stuff that you are not sure you like or not, and that’s how I am with Violet candy… and probably Ginger Altoids.

Anyway, I also purchase a pack of Choward’s Scented Gum. It’s purple package and old-fashioned design lured me into assuming it may be violet-flavored. So I open the gum, and they are these neat purple chicklets. They don’t smell like violet, though, nor grape (which could be assessed by the color), nor mint (which could be guessed because it’s random breath-freshening gum).

This gum smells and tastes like ointment, like your grandparents’ medicine chest (well, *my* grandparents’ medicine chest; I suppose it depends who old you are). I don’t know what kind of ointment, just vaguely medicinal. It tastes old.

So I have this theory. Maybe old people and their belongings smell old because that’s what was the popular scent back then. Maybe mothballs and ointment really was their ‘Chanel’. (I couldn’t come up with a popular fragrance or whatever because I don’t wear perfume, and most perfume is named after a fashion designer anyway, so it’s difficult to identify as a fragrance rather than clothing.)

So that’s it. I don’t recommend Choward’s gum. I did chew it all, though, because it’s fun to experience odd things. I guess I’ll try the Beeman’s next.

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