I don’t know what old gypsy woman SteelBuddha wronged as a teen, but that guy is cursed!

Something happens to him and then, over an unpredictable amount of time, other thigs happen, and it all culminates into one huge cluster that really should have been unrelated had it been anyone but SB.

Let’s start over… SB is a paranoid driver. He owned a VW in his early 20s, which meant he was profiled and pulled over a lot just for his car. So now, even with a Chevy Lumina, he still drives with the utmost caution. Keeping that in mind…

Event #1: October 2005, SB received a speeding ticket.

Event #2: c. Feb 15, 2006: SB receives renewal for license with notice that he must pay ticket before renewing. SB intends to pay ticket with next paycheck.

Event #3: Feb 19, 2006: Driving slowly on an icy road, approaches a stop sign at the bottom of a hill. While braking, car fishtails and takes out the taillight of a parked truck. Leave note.

Feb 19, 2006: Truck owner calls and says his front fender and door are damaged. We had not hit them. Says he has contact info for a witness.

Feb 21, 2006: Truck owner brings over a $2500 estimate. We are convinced that we did not hit the back *and* front of his car, so we ask for the witness’s information so we can see if they witnessed a different car hit his parked truck (it was very bad conditions).

Feb 22, 2006: Truck owner says the witness saw something on Feb 20, so it won’t help us and does not give us the witness’s contact info. (Note: he told us on the 19th that there was a witness, a witness who can see into the future, who saw an accident on the 20th).

Feb 22, 2006: I bite the bullet and call the insurance company. We had been hoping that the minor “fender bender” would be easy enough to settle, but apparently not. I file a claim. Since SB was driving, the insurance agent asks for his driver’s license number along with all pertinent info. No problems.

Event #4: Feb 22, 2006: SB receives in the mail notice that his license (which the insurance company will probably check) is suspended (as of Feb 16, three days before the accident) because of an outstanding ticket.


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