Curses: Part 2

Event #5: Feb 23, 2006: I drive SB to take care of his ticket and such. I take my car to the insurance appraiser. Everything seems like it’s on track.

Event #6: Feb 24, 2006: SB drives *his* car to a friend’s house. Upon turning onto friend’s street, car jars like it hit something huge and comes to a screeching halt. SB examines and appears that passenger side axle is broken because wheel is all wonky. Car that was supposed to hold us over while mine is in the shop is now out of commission and must be towed.

Sometimes it can be unsettling, because I never know what catastrophe is coming next. (He tends to lose cars in December, so he’s a bit off schedule.) It’s really tough to feel like you’re constantly treading water between disasters. You never can get anywhere. It’s continuous catch-up.

Le sigh.

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