Spring Break: In Review

Last weekend was the beginning of my spring break. First of all, I planned on catching up on my schoolwork over spring break. At this point, Wednesday night, I have yet to touch a schoolbook except to move it out of the way. But I have been productive in other ways…

Sunday, I had a rehearsal for the music group in which I participate. I have not quite finished everything I’ve committed to do for the group, so I decided after rehearsal to kick myself into gear. I polished up the arrangements of two medleys I had mostly finished. I still have to write drum parts, but at least the fifers have the music. Plus, the drumline picks up new music a lot faster because we have fewer newbies. I also wrote harmonies for another song on a whim, and I think it sounds pretty good.

Loricious is getting married in August. She asked if I could arrange an organ piece that theĀ  groom’s grandfather (I think) composed for string quartet. I think she may have given this to me back over Xmas break. In any case, I knew spring break would be my only time to buckle down, so I whipped that out today. Besides that an organ pieces fleshes out to be more of a five-part arrangement rather than four I squeezed it into, it soinds pretty good. Steelbuddha mentioned that in midi form, it sounds like video game music. I guess in midi form, *everything* sounds like video game music.

I’ve also taken advantage of my “free time” to shop for better food and cook. I’m just hoping I can keep it up. It helped a lot that bagged salad was on sale this week, because chopping veggies seems to syphon the years right out of me.

“V for Vendetta” comes out Friday. It is a movie based on a graphic novel. SteelBuddha has read the novel and says it’s great, and so I am trying to read it before Friday. Good luck to me… I am 7.34% finished
SB and I had been trying to have a Big Lebowski get together for quite a while. When we couldn’t hammer down plans with anyone, we decided to “celebrate” his birthday with a Lebowski party. Watch the movie, drink White Russians, go bowling, etc. So a bit of my week (and last) has gone into planning.

Tomorrow is SB’s birthday. Since it is also his grandmother’s birthday, we are going to visit her for lunch. For dinner, we are going to visit friends of SB. Hopefully, with all the riding in cars, I can finish “V”. Yes, I will make him drive even though it’s his birthday. I need to finish “V” so I have all of Friday to finish my schoolwork due Monday (and then Sunday to finish everything due Wednesday).

I should go to campus Friday to pick up my inter-library books…

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