Ten Years Ago

I got this from my college roomie, Anne, with whom I was living at this time, so it’s tres apropos:

Ten Years ago, it was early 1996. Take this survey, post the results, and see how many things have changed since then.

Q1) How old were you?

Q2) What Grade Were you in?
College freshmen

Q3) Where did you go to school?
Emerson College, Boston

Q4) Where did you work?
Just school activities: WECB, EIV, NBS

Q5) Where did you live?
180 Bolyston Street, the Little Building – 9th floor, with Anne

Q6) How was your hair style?
Long, black, usually with a burgundy stripe and green roots

Q7) Did you wear braces?
Nope, but I would’ve prefered it over my prescription-medicated acne.
Q8) Did you wear contacts?
half of the time

Q9) Did you wear glasses?
other half of the time

Q10) Who was your best friend?

Q11) Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?
in April… I was in a pitiful situation involving Micah. I was in a very bad place.

Q12) Who was your celebrity crush?
Anne: Oh wait, just for the Emerson crew – Gary Spivey
OMG! And the psychic cruise of doom through the Bermuda Triangle! Love that ramen toupe.
Maybe Peter Steele, but I didn’t really like him in *that way*. Just that vampiric allure.

Q13) Who was your regular-person crush?
Hmm. I briefly dated three people during this school year, only one was a nice guy, and crushes came easy because they were ways to keep my mind away from the person I was with. Don’t ask…

Q14) Were you a virgin?
Yes. I remember being propositioned for something specific and I didn’t even know what he meant.

Q15) How many piercings did you have?
Nine in my ears, none in the rest of me. Most have closed now.

Q16) How many tattoos did you have?
None. One big one now, four times under the pen.

Q17) What was your favorite band/singer?
Anne: Lunachicks all the way
I must concur. They rocked in concert.

Q18) Had you smoked a cigarette yet?
Nope. Still haven’t

Q19) Had you gotten drunk or high yet?
Not drunk. Still haven’t.
Did trynitrous-oxide from a whipped cream can in high school.

Q20) Had you driven yet?
Surely, but not in Boston. Still haven’t.

Q21) If so which car?
1963 Chevy Belaire (my car), 1992 Ford Tempo (mom’s car), probably grandma’s Honda, had killed the family van by this point.

Q22) Which of your pets were still alive?
None of my pets. My parents got ferrets about the time I left for college.
Anne: And i don’t think the lobster twins Fred the Dead and Llyod the Destroyed count.
Awesome! No, they were Arthur Fiedler’s pets. Nutty & Cornwallis lived across campus. And Financial Aid lived on the third floor in a purse.

Q23) Looking back, are you where you thought you would be in 1996?
Not really, but I even didn’t know where I was in 1996, so that fact that I actually can say I’m happy to be alive is a definite improvement. I figured I would’ve had an advanced degree by now, but at least I’m finally back in school. I figured I would’ve been a business owner by now, which I am, but it’s slow going and only online. I have not really made any movies since, nor have I released an album or written a book, but I will at least accomplish one of those (probably the book, at this rate) in the future.

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