Bare minimum girl

I’ve always considered myself a bare minimum type of girl. I do the bare minimum that is required to reach what I deem to be an acceptable goal. In high school, this was called “A-“. I skittered around 90% for my entire school career. And now, in grad school, this has changed to “AB”. There are both good and bad aspects to this. The good part is that the bare minimum has been lower to 88%. Let’s hear it for 88%! The bad news is that the “B” just lurks there, staring at you, reminding you how precarious the bare minimum can be, how easily that fragile little “A” could fall off the “AB”.

Our Renaissance and Reformation professor had mentioned in class the other day that he dislikes teaching honors level courses. When asked why, he said, “All the honor students feel they should get an ‘A’.” I could see his point. Of course, as bare minimum girl, I said, “I’m fine with an ‘AB”.” Another gal said, “Well I’m not.” And inside I just rolled my eyes and imagined her uptight lifestyle causing a premature heartattack. And I thought back to those high school equivalents, over-achievers that didn’t know why they were doing it because they were driven by forces other than themselves; they just knew they had to. Well, you don’t have to. Chill out.
See, right now, I should be writing two research papers. But instead, I am writing this blog entry. And eventually, I will start to panic. But not until the last moment, and I’ll still get it done. That’s just how it works. But seriously, I have to get back to writing…

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