Can I breathe now?

Ok, so I submitted my draft yesterday. It was 18 pages; the final draft must be 25. I thought this was bad, but there are only 7 of us and I saw at least two other drafts that were 10 pages at most. So I’m probably average, and I can deal with being average in a grad-level history seminar.  Especially when I am the only one not coming out of a history undrgrad program.
So, I have two readings to do for next week, and I really need to write an 18-page paper before I go away next Thursday. But I do feel better that my draft is in. I stayed up until 7:30 writing, slept until 11:30, and after class, hung out for a while at the history dept picnic. It was actually quite fun, and I chatted about interests outside of school with two other medievalists. In truth, I was running purely on Diet Cherry Coke and Fresh air, but my spirits were up. I did feel guilty, though, because I looked awfully peppy for someone who had been sick earlier in the week and missed a class… But it wasn’t that I was raring to go; I was just giddy with relief and exhaustion.

But instead of going home to sleep, we went to game. Though it was a combat-heavy evening, it was nice to play because it’s been so long. I don’t think I’ve played anything (besides a fun one-shot murder mystery) since before starting school last fall. And SB was determined not to allow me to do homework last night since I’ve been running myself ragged. Still, it is my own fault for not getting more done earlier in the semester. I did go to bed at midnight and was asleep by 1am, so I actually had a reasonable amount of sleep.

Hopefully I’ll get one reading assignment done today before heading over to Sixpence’s place for a hair dye session. Saturday, I have a Haircut, so I should be quite punk rock soon.

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