Day 1: Twah-Dump

Thursday, May 4
I spent all day packing and preparing for Anime Central, the first multi-day event I’ve ever attended for my shop. At about 5:45, Sixpence arrived with her dad’s SUV, which we packed to the absolute ceiling and then had to bungie two bags to the roof. By 7pm, we were on the road to Chicago.

We were both starving, so we stopped for dinner only 30 minutes into the trip. Yummy Arby’s… The voyage from Milwaukee to Chicago was both brief and uneventful, aside from the growing silliness. Mapquest took us safely to the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago.

Upon entering the parking garage, we passed under a sign that said -6’7″- and heard a twah-dump. At that point we realized that the giant army duffel full of hangers strapped to the roof exceeded the height maximum. But instead of removing it, we decided to continue up the four stories of parking structure, with a twah-dump every time we passed under a pipe or sign. Six and I fell into fits of giggles and were still giggling when we met up with Melanie, who was generous enough to share her hotel room this weekend.

Aside from some last-minute costume details, we basically tried to calm down enough to sleep before out first big day…

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