(stolen from Automated Robot)

Tired of questions by 15, 16, 17 year olds who have never lived in the real world? Here’s one for the folks who have actually lived.

1. Worst damage you ever took in a fight?
Never really been in a physical fight. I’ve sustained more self-inflicted (accidental or otherwise) damage than anything else.

2. Most money you ever owed credit card company? um, no comment
individual card? $18000 post divorce

3. Last time you got kicked out of a bar?
never, but then again, I don’t drink, so I don’t get particularly rowdy.

4. Longest time you slept in a car?
Car-car or train-car? Or bus-car? Some of my longest trips have been by bus, and I did take the train from Milwaukee to West Palm Beach.

5. Most f*cked up nickname you’ve ever been given?
I suppose Qualyre the Impaler as given by my first boyfriend at age 14/15.

6. Worst job you ever had?
Possibly one particular babysitting job when the familiy had just adopted a mad dog that scared the children to death and it relieved itself everywhere. We hid upstairs with the door closed most of the time, by the children’s request.

7. Shortest job you’ve ever had?
The August weekends of Ren Faire, but then again, I worked assorted jobs on and off there.

8. Longest romantic relationship?
6 years

9. Shortest romantic relationship?
kissed (my hot Brazilian lover) at a lock-in and went on one date afterward

10. Food that you would eat until you puked?
possibly Cold Stone; I actually have eaten Malt-O-Meal, KFC and Boston Market until I puked, but I think those times it was food poisoning

11. Food that even looking at makes you puke?
I haven’t seen anything in person that makes me puke, but I’ve seen some nastiness on the TV (thanks Dave Chappelle’s Fear Factor)

12. What music saved your life?
When music made a difference, I tended to listen to music that made things worse :/

13. Person you miss the most in the world?
There are several friends I wish I could see more (or again) but no one so closely knit that I could say “most in the world”. Probably my grandma, because we hung out a lot.

14. Worst movie you’ve ever seen?
Star Wars Xmas Special, 8 Crazy Nights

15. Best movie you’ve ever seen?
don’t make me answer this

16 Movie you really want to see?
“Never never land”; I think I saw this as a child, but I can’t remember if I dremt it or not, so I want to see if this is the movie I’m thinking of

17. Ever almost die?
Nah; I’m surprisingly unbreakable. I was in one particularly scary car accident, but we didn’t really come close to dying; just bumps and bruises.

18. Ever fist fight a member of the opposite sex?
I’ve punched and open-palmed two separate people, both were over-reactions, and the second one definitely didn’t deserve it. No actual fight, though. Both times I was hit first, though semi-accidentally.

19. Best place you have ever lived?
I still have fond memories of the city of Boston

20. Worst place you have ever lived?

21. Bad habit you have.
Procrastinating (wait, I’m supposed to be writing a paper now)

22. Noise that makes you want to punch people?
Wiper blade squeeking on dry window (how can guys not notice?);

23. Your favorite tattoo?

24. Least favorite tattoo?
The portion I had covered up 12 days ago

26. Most money you have ever spent on a single meal?
$300 for two people, and no party favors included

27. Best gift you ever got?
a divorce 🙂

28. Best pet you ever had?
my broken little kitty

29. Ever run from the cops?
don’t think so

30. Money or love:
if you know me, you know how silly this question is.

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  1. steelbuddha says:

    It’s got to be love, ’cause I have no money.