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I want to fall off the world

Monday, November 6th, 2006

I want to be left alone.  Do not talk to me.

Lyric 1

Monday, November 6th, 2006


It’s not my job to make it easy on you, but I do.
Because I love you.
You say you love me, you quote a song, you say you need me.
But you don’t say that you’re wrong.
I can write a song- quote this.
And while you’re at it, open your eyes to your selfishness.
You close your eyes and fantasize.

I don’t need your plea for forgiveness.
It’s not about you anymore. You don’t get that much.
And yet your betrayal is even half-ass.
At the start and at the end, you can’t commit to be cruel.
Your discontent is not unique; you just took it out on me.
I’m not perfect; I’m not some adolescent dream; I’m me.
You close your eyes and fantasize.

You tell me everything because it’s hard on you to hold it.
You disrupt my life for a little relief.
Have a happy birthday and we should get together sometime.
Not now. Not then. Whenever you’re ready, I guess.
It’s not about you anymore. You don’t get that much. You cheated.
You lose. If you want to play again, you need to learn the rules.
You close your eyes and fantasize.

Imagine a world with me not in it.
Dating and drama and casual sex.
Options, so many options, except one.
What’s one less person in your fantasy?
Erase it from your memory; you don’t get to keep me there.
Everything I gave you I take back.
I don’t need your hand; I have my own.
And songs that rhyme are overrated…

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you don’t do it.