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Speaking of Griswold…

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

SB got his Christmas bonus: a gift basket.
How very “jelly of the month club”. If he didn’t work for ad execs, I would wonder how his company could be so unscrupulous.
Still, it’s not a surprise. While some people there *do* get bonuses, last year SB received a gift certificate to a wine store that rents space in his company’s building. There’s no beating metrosexual robber-barons. As opposed to just blantantly oppressing the masses, they sugarcoat their BS and convince themselves they are not a hell-bound hyprocritical leisure class v2.0

Hallelujah. Holy sh!t. Where’s the Tylenol?

Candy Assortments

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Why are so many boxes of chocolates heavy of the cremes? I’m a fan of nuts and chews (caramels and nougats), but there are so many gooey sugary cremes in the world and not enough other varieties.

Oh, and I like toffees. But not so much gels.

Almost done

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

One more paper to write, due tomorrow, and then I’m done! (for the semester, then back to grindstone early-mid-January)

Knepper Brothers Rock

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Ok, if you ever require auto work, we recommend Knepper on KK. These guys are totally above board– straight-forward, honest, and reasonable.

I love Christmas lights

Monday, December 11th, 2006

right now, I cannot think of anything more lovely, nostalgic and serene than sitting comfortably in your home at night being lit only by your holiday decorations. Some tiny lights in the window, maybe a tree, nothing too “Griswold.” It’s cold out there but warm in here. A glance outside takes in the peaceful snowcovered neighborhood…

Two big papers down, one to go. And two exams.

What did I do in my past life to deserve this?

Monday, December 4th, 2006

Why does everything go wrong? Why can’t I have enough money for rent and heat and food? Why can’t I have a car that is reliable? Why can’t I have basic things that so many people take for granted?

Since the week of my 30th birthday, my life has been spiralling out of my control. I give what I can, and then the subsistent remainder is syphoned out of me. I am drained and exhausted.

Why is ease of mind a luxury? Why is it good luck when things don’t go badly? Shoudn’t things, as a default, go they way they are intended to go? And if things go awry then it’s bad luck? I find myself rejoicing in a day without crisis, because it’s all I have. And I don’t even have kids yet…

Please Vote for my T-shirt Design!

Friday, December 1st, 2006

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