Ultimately, the shoe won

Saturday night, the shoe was the only party involved that escaped unscathed.

I was carrying my cute black and white Oxford Dr. Martens down to the landing of our front stairwell where we kept the other shoes. I missed a stair and fell hard on my right knee while my left forearm hit a wooden window sill and my hand and a shoe went through a plate glass window. After helping me to my feet and patching me up, SB went back to clean up the stairwell. The shoe was still stuck through the window. I now wish he would have taken a photo…

I am doing fine. I didn’t need stitches. My knee is sore but no longer swollen. I have a hearty bruise on my forearm. I skinned a few knuckles, and a long superficial scratch on my wrist is totally irritating like a big paper cut where my sleeve ends. I took a small chunk of skin out of my palm and a larger spot where the skin remained attached. It could have been so much worse. I think the shoe protected me from real damage.

The window, well, we need to call the landlady. It was a really old window, and it tinkled like chimes as it was smashed. It wouldn’t have happened to a newer window. As for the shoe, it’s sitting on the landing. I’ll make sure to check for glass before wearing them again.


  1. Xiad says:

    Glad to hear there weren’t further problems after we left that night… It would be insteresting to know exactly how old that window was. I also wonder how big the bruise is on your wrist. Looked like it was going to be a long-term thing 🙂

  2. I left my bandage off this evening to let it get some air. The bigger cut is about the size of a dime, and there isn’t much of a bruise beyond the injury itself. The bruise on my arm isn’t even swollen anymore. I was even able to play drums yesterday. The problem with being virtually unbreakable is that you have nothing to show for your story. No one looking at me would believe that I fell down stairs and put my hand through a window.