I have the right to not open my windows…

So, this is a rant. It may offend some people. As soon as it starts to, stop reading. It’s not that important. I’m just pissed.

This is about the rights of smokers. Fine, people have the right to smoke, and if they want to fight to smoke in public places, fine, I won’t go to those places. But the fact that I cannot open the windows of my house infuriates me. The lady downstairs smokes, which often comes through the vents. It sucks, I get wheezy, so be it. But the fact that when I open my window in order to get supposed fresh air and cigarette smoke wafts in makes me want to exercise my right to bear arms. And it’s not just her. It’s other neighbors too.
How is the constant foulness of neighborhood air someone’s right? It’s bad enough that I can’t stand in a bus stopor walk around without choking but now I can’t avoid it at home.  Is it Milwaukee? Is this just a smoking town? Won’t you just leave me the hell alone? You don’t want to smoke in your own goddamn house, so you do it outside my window. It’s like sitting at a table *next* to a table with a smoker. Mustn’t blow smoke at my friends, so I’ll turn and blow it on some person I don’t know.

Did you know that you stink? In class, on the bus, you radiate a nauseating aura.

Mustn’t smoke inside where it might affect the children. Have to smoke outside. Well, if it’s coming in my window, it’s going to yours too. Stop lying to yourself; it affects your children.

So, I have figured that my rights as a non-smoker with minor asthma are:

1) stay home; never go to a public place
2) never be outside

3) never open my window

It is not my right to:

1) ask for smokeless air

It is pointless to:

1) hope for smokeless air

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  1. Mom says:

    Here, here!

    PS I have ice-cream money for you, honey!