SF: Entry #3

Class is kinda mind-blowing. It’s *so* much information that I’m just exhausted after class and homework. I’m looking forward to the weekend when I might have a moment of repose.

Unfortunately, one of my blisters popped today, which made the last uphill half-mile quite a challenge. I ended up walking in my sock. I plan to get a different pair of shoes, but it was also my own fault, because I didn’t notice that my sock had a hole (either that, or I wore it out today). My left foot is conspiring against me, with one blister on a toe and four on my heel. I will overcome…

I tried the Quickly for lunch today. They have a crazy huge drink menu, but the one I tried (Rose Tea with tapioca) was really sugary (like Kool-aid with flowers). Chad confirmed that most of their drinks are like that. I guess I will stick to more upscale places.
I walked around Berkeley for a while after classes today. It’s like a big California version of State Street (from the ’90s). There is a shop that retails Threadless shirts, so if you are looking for something specific and want me to check, let me know.

I had to assert my “not a guest” -ness this evening. Hann made dinner, brought me mine, brought me seconds, etc. When he was playing WoW, I sneaked into the kitchen and did the dishes. He caught me, so I said it was the least I could do. I can’t be a guest for ten weeks; that’s silly. I would prefer to behave like a roommate and help out.
Ah, Marlowe is bringing me her teddy to play tug. She decided that, after my shower, my feet are too clean to lick, so she wants to play.

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