SF: Entry #5

Berkeley campus is like a movie campus. Campuses in college movies never seemed realistic, particularly after attending two very urbanly-located schools. While Berkeley is in a city, the campus is huge and somewhat enclosed. The buildings are massive and classic in a ritzy way. There are woods and streams everywhere, so sometimes one can’t even see a building. There are activists all over, and people clump in these stereotypical “interest” groups. I hope to post pictures soon.

Today was a good day. I thought my morning quiz went poorly, but when it was returned, it was my best so far. I was pretty tired during the second half of my class, but the instructor let us out early. Every Friday after class, there is a convivium for Latin and Greek students where professors give a half hour lecture and then we have wine and cheese and fruit. It was nice to chat with some of the other students. There are two student from Wisconsin (though they both have long since left), and I met a few others that are from or go to school in Chicago. I’ve also met 3 or so medievalists (though one dropped out of the class already). It’s nice that there is a decent percentage of grad students in the class. I feel as though I can relate to them much better than undergrads.
I ended up chatting longer than expected, so Chad and Hann met me at the subway station and we went for French/Vietnamese at a nearby upscale mall. Tomorrow we have lunch plans and an evening movie date. I hope to spend a minimal amount of time doing homework tomorrow.
A mosquito got in the apartment and started eating Hann and me alive in our sleep. My hands are feet are pretty lumpy. I don’t know what the universe has against my extremities.

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