SF: Entry #8

So Chad and I finished the Samurai 7 series. Pretty cool.

I am surprised by how much litter there is in San Francisco. But the weather is amazing. It was about 70 today in the sun. It says it’s 54 now that’s it’s evening. It’s on the chillier side. We had a “heat wave” one day last week and it went up to 80 during the day.
Not much to say today. Had class all day, had leftovers for dinner while watching anime. About to do homework. That’s a Monday for ya’. Tomorrow I hope to be motivated to do laundry.

If you haven’t checked out my photos, you should do so. The thing with Berkeley is that you can use a map to get around the big campus, but the maps don’t show the vegetation, which is *everywhere*. You think you are walking toward the correct building but you end up in a small wood and can’t see any buildings. It’s crazy.

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