SF: Entry #11

Friday. Rest time.

My quiz today was pretty pitiful. It took me too long, and I didn’t finish my last sentence, so I wrote half of a sentence and concluded by writing “Ack”.

After class, we had a short lecture about sculpture and architecture in Aphrodisias. It was followed by wine, cheese and lively discussion. Following the convivium, some of us had homemade dinner (thanks!) and watched Life of Brian, mostly for the Latin graffiti scene. This was the first time I made note of “wolf nipple chips” as being a snack for purchase in the coliseum scene. Too funny.

I noticed something somewhat hypocritical today on campus. One of the ladies bathrooms has stickers on the paper towel dispensers saying “Remember, these are made from trees,” which to me implies that one should not be wasteful with one’s towel use. Fine, but in that same bathroom, three sinks had bad faucets and the water ran all of the time. That to me is equally wasteful. Maybe they could spend less energy preaching and get a maintenance person in there.

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