SF: Entry #15

Another weird day.

The day got off to a bad start because I slept poorly last night. I was in a dizzy daze all morning, wandering. I’m not sure how I made it to class; I left early, which was good, because I took the wrong train, then fell asleep, then I zoned out walking to class. At least I ended up at the right building.
Tomorrow we have our second exam, so we had a review today. I left at the 2:30 break because we had already covered everything and were just going to drill some more. I needed a nap. I got back to the apartment early, but found two fellows there delivering Chad and Hann’s new couch. An hour later, we just got things organized for the time being.

Someone this morning was playing the Mario Bros. theme with the bell tower on campus. If it weren’t such an overplayed song, it would have been awesome.

On my ride home, I chatted with a rather cute grad student from Quebec (Chad calls Canadians “Sweater Mexicans”) who was interviewing for the PhD program at Berkeley. With my extensive grasp at public transportation (ha) I helped him get on track to his sight-seeing destinations.

On Saturday, my camera batteries wore out while I was sight-seeing, so I had pay $4 for two batteries. They last less than one day. So I bought four batteries at Walgreens today. None on them worked. Either I am having terrible luck with batteries, or someone is wrong with my camera. My monitor is also acting up. Le sigh.

On a sad note, the gal in the dept from the cycling accident could not be revived, and she won’t be kept on life support.

I *really* need a nap. I think now is the time.

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