SF: Entry #16

Last night was my first night sleeping on the new sofa bed. It was quite nice, and I slept rather well, which was much needed after Monday night.

Had my second exam today. Yesterday, I wasn’t so sure I had a grasp on any of the immense quantities of new material. But at about 9:20 this morning, I said to myself, “ya know, I think I know this.” The exam was, in fact, longer and more difficult than the first, but that opinion was shared by everyone with whom I spoke. And now that I know more people, I can share in the commiseration.

After the afternoon session, I had some ice cream while completing most of my homework for tomorrow. It’s nice that it’s not even 6pm, and the evening won’t have to be entirely devoted to homework. Maybe I’ll read some more.

PS. It’s now bedtime. After my homework and his kung fu class, Chad and I watched “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” I had seen it performed, but I hadn’t seen the movie.

I also realized that Ino longer have Photoshop, and so I can’t crop the Pride Parade photos. I just may have to upload them as is (that is, with 50% of the frame taken up by people’s heads).

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