SF: Entry #17

Got my second exam back yesterday…87%. The average was 88%. Ah well. I am destined to be just below average. I’m not going to sweat it.

While I was reading my book at lunch today, a tiny bird sat down on the bench next to me. It moved as if it were stop-motion animated or a series of photographs. When it moved, it was too quick to see, so it was just a series of poses. When it eventually flew away, the wings made a little buzzing sound.

Last night after class, I ended up chatting with classmates until kinda late. Then today, we had a brief lecture on medieval Latin and the convivium. It’s nice to know that some folks here are pretty geeky too.

I have posted some more photos, including Pride Parade and just some randomness. You’ll have to deal with the heads in the photos.

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