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SF: Entry #7

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Wow. Hann and Chad can shop like the best of them.

We started off the day with a nice bacon and egg breakfast. We then went to Haight Street. And shopped. For hours. Chad had game and had to leave, but Hann and I kept going. A little after 7pm, we took the bus to Chinatown and had some dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. Then we shopped again. We rolled in about 10:30pm from shopping.

Now, I *do* in fact have four occasions in less than a month that require giving gifts, and so I actually had reasons to shop.

SF: Entry #6

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

I’ve finally posted photos!

Yesterday started out with a nice chat with SB. We also arranged to get my mom’s old car, so when I come home, we will be independently mobile again.

We all went to Fisherman’s Wharf yesterday (the closest I’ve been to the bay so far) and had In and Out Burger. We returned to Japantown for some more shopping, and last evening went to see Daywatch. I enoyed it quite a bit (well, except for the last 2 minutes).

SF: Entry #5

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Berkeley campus is like a movie campus. Campuses in college movies never seemed realistic, particularly after attending two very urbanly-located schools. While Berkeley is in a city, the campus is huge and somewhat enclosed. The buildings are massive and classic in a ritzy way. There are woods and streams everywhere, so sometimes one can’t even see a building. There are activists all over, and people clump in these stereotypical “interest” groups. I hope to post pictures soon.

Today was a good day. I thought my morning quiz went poorly, but when it was returned, it was my best so far. I was pretty tired during the second half of my class, but the instructor let us out early. Every Friday after class, there is a convivium for Latin and Greek students where professors give a half hour lecture and then we have wine and cheese and fruit. It was nice to chat with some of the other students. There are two student from Wisconsin (though they both have long since left), and I met a few others that are from or go to school in Chicago. I’ve also met 3 or so medievalists (though one dropped out of the class already). It’s nice that there is a decent percentage of grad students in the class. I feel as though I can relate to them much better than undergrads.
I ended up chatting longer than expected, so Chad and Hann met me at the subway station and we went for French/Vietnamese at a nearby upscale mall. Tomorrow we have lunch plans and an evening movie date. I hope to spend a minimal amount of time doing homework tomorrow.
A mosquito got in the apartment and started eating Hann and me alive in our sleep. My hands are feet are pretty lumpy. I don’t know what the universe has against my extremities.

SF: Entry #4

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Nisi poetae feminas saxis veniaque cum diligentiam magnam pellerent nauta patriam reginae pulchrae non incoleret.
These are the types of weird, lame sentences we have to translate with our 4-day knowledge of Latin.

(If the poets, with great diligence, were not driving away the women with stones and kindness, the sailor would not inhabit the homeland of the beautiful queen.)

Just thought y’all’d like to know what I am learning.

Picked up a cute pair of used shoes from the Buffalo Exchange.

Eep, it’s late again. Really gotta go.

SF: Entry #3

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Class is kinda mind-blowing. It’s *so* much information that I’m just exhausted after class and homework. I’m looking forward to the weekend when I might have a moment of repose.

Unfortunately, one of my blisters popped today, which made the last uphill half-mile quite a challenge. I ended up walking in my sock. I plan to get a different pair of shoes, but it was also my own fault, because I didn’t notice that my sock had a hole (either that, or I wore it out today). My left foot is conspiring against me, with one blister on a toe and four on my heel. I will overcome…

I tried the Quickly for lunch today. They have a crazy huge drink menu, but the one I tried (Rose Tea with tapioca) was really sugary (like Kool-aid with flowers). Chad confirmed that most of their drinks are like that. I guess I will stick to more upscale places.
I walked around Berkeley for a while after classes today. It’s like a big California version of State Street (from the ’90s). There is a shop that retails Threadless shirts, so if you are looking for something specific and want me to check, let me know.

I had to assert my “not a guest” -ness this evening. Hann made dinner, brought me mine, brought me seconds, etc. When he was playing WoW, I sneaked into the kitchen and did the dishes. He caught me, so I said it was the least I could do. I can’t be a guest for ten weeks; that’s silly. I would prefer to behave like a roommate and help out.
Ah, Marlowe is bringing me her teddy to play tug. She decided that, after my shower, my feet are too clean to lick, so she wants to play.

SF: Entry #2

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Not as much to say today. Last night, Chad made yummy fajitas. I think the big difference was fresh mushrooms.

Today was class as usually, plus a few hours of homework. At this rate, I may not have anything interesting to say until the weekend. I did have a yummy cheddar and apple crepe for lunch.

The evening was the usual: me doing Latin, Hann playing WoW and Chad playing NwN2 (though Chad and I watched a few episodes of Samurai 7 during dinner). I think I need a break from Latin and will read my book. I’m also a little pooped.

SF: Entry #1

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

So I suppose the best way to journal my trip is to blog.

Day 1: Travel Day. It started off wonky because, due to automotive issues, SB couldn’t drive me to the airport. Sixpence came to the rescue with a ride, but it would’ve been nice not to have a rush-out-the-door good-bye with my man.

The first leg of my trip went off just fine. I had a 4-hour layover in Atlanta, which stretched into 8 hours. Boring. That also meant I arrived in San Francisco at midnight, making it that much more inconvenient for my gracious host, Chad. We took a van/cab back and unloaded my stuff. Then Chad, Hann and I walked to the grocery for some late-night eats (my dinner had consisted of a smoothie and a minuscule bag of pretzels). By the time we turned in, it was 3am Pacific, which was almost 24 hours after I had awakened that morning.
Nevertheless, the odd snoozing on the airplanes kept me going.

Day 2: Saturday. I actually woke up at a reasonable time, 9:30. Went with Chad to take Marlowe (their petite blue-eyed husky) for a walk. Chad, Hann and I then went to Berkeley to buy my books and find the buildings in which my class is held. Berkeley is quite a fun area, like State Street but much more so. We got lunch, checked out a famous beat poetry book shop, and saw “Paprika”. Weird but entertaining.

We came back for a while, and Chad started me watching the “Samurai 7” anime series. About 10pm, we ambled around looking for eats.

Day 3: Sunday. The day started with a dim sum brunch. I have found that I like the sweets and that there are probably too many variations of “shrimp in a noodle”. We walked to Chinatown, and then visited Japantown. We made a grocery run, and returned so that Chad could make it to his game that night. I made some progress on “Jonathan Strange and Dr. Norell” while Hann played WoW. About 9:30, we went out for Ramen.

I have found that I really don’t need much food here. And the hills are going to take getting used to. It’s a little over a mile to the subway station, and a few of the hills are ridiculous. At least that means I easily walk over 2 miles a day (because I walk on campus, walk to dinner, walk everywhere).

Day 4: Class starts. Well, I started off my morning but keeping a little turned around on the way to the subway station. I walked an extra 1.25 miles of a very nasty hill. So it was a good thing that class started later this first morning.

Hm, it’s getting quite late, so I will have to cut this short. Basically, I have class 9-12 and 1-4, with 2+ hours of homework each day and quizzes first thing each morning. So they will be working me hard. But the professor is funny and easy-going, so that reduces the grueling-factor a bit.

One thing, though. Me feet are pretty beat up from walking; I might need to get a better pair of shoes. I’ve been wearing shoes with straps across them (like maryjanes) and the tops of my feet are bruised and swollen. I guess I need regular tennis shoes.

PS. Planning to see “Daywatch” some time this coming weekend.