SF: Entry #18

The weekend is over.

Friday was a (very brief) lecture on medieval Latin and chatting & fun at the convivium.
Saturday, Chad and I went to the Museum of Modern Art. That night, we went to see Die Hard with two fellows from our game. It was everything you would expect. I was entertained.

Today, a gal from my Latin class held a tea party. She made lots of goodies– chocolate raspberry scones, lemon curd tarts, cucumber sandwiches, brownies, and lots of tea. Only three of us dressed up for the occasion, but it was still a nice little shindig.

I’m way behind on my homework this evening. I’ve just been stressing a bit tonight about non-Latin stuff, and it’s slowing me down.

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  1. Loricious says:

    1. We must have a tea party like that at home. It sounds AWESOME.
    2. I just saw Down With Love yesterday and was dying to call you. Doesn’t a Down With Love tea party sound fun? With bars of chocolate and tea? Maybe its just me. 😀