SF: Entry #19

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Birthday, Bill!

Sorry for slacking on the blog.

Last I wrote, it was Sunday night. Monday, we had a quiz on an overload of material we covered in class on Friday. In general, everyone’s quiz was so bad that the instructor decided to go over the quiz in class. We then reviewed for Tuesday’s exam. I wore my Oregon Trail t-shirt to class, which received many comments and initiated several conversations about the game. That evening, in addition to studying, we watched a documentary on Harvey Milk.

Tuesday, I had an exam. It took several hours, but I got through it. Like my previous exams, I felt as though I had a decent grasp of the material, but I’ll know tomorrow if that’s really the case. After the afternoon class, I decided to try a cheaper bus route back, but it took a total of two hours rather than one. It was kind of a drag.

Tuesday night we gathered to play Changeling. Chad made beer-cooked brats and sauerkraut for dinner, and we didn’t really get more than 30 minutes of game in the 4+ hours we were there. So we went out for doughnuts and went home.

Today, I had no class, but I still have a quiz and homework due tomorrow morning. We spent the afternoon at the beach and vegged (if homework constitutes vegging) for the evening.

We decided not to go down to the bay to see the fireworks because it would be maddening trying to get home. So we walked down the block until we saw where the people were coagulating. At the corner of Sacramento and Mason, people had gathered, looking down at the fireworks display in the bay. Chad and I took up a spot on the cement base of a sign post. They had neat designs: cubes, ringed planets, smiley faces. There was a cute girl who was chatting up her dad as he held her up to watch.
“Why can’t we look the other way.”
“Because there are no fireworks the other way.”
“I want to look at the ones on the other side…I want to look at the ones that are higher above these.”
(from where we stood, we actually looked down on the fireworks)
“These are beautiful. They look like different things. Like plants, grass, a mask. Those look like some pickles.”

…and the pickles red glare, the plants bursting in air… 

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