SF: Entry #22

Need to catch up, don’t I?

I finally posted more photos.

Sunday, we played Changeling. It’s fun to have a regular game.

Monday was a regular day at class. I have started jotting down funny quotes that come out of class. When talking about irregular verbs, the TA1 explained that a certain verb was “not irregular, just strange.” I want that on a t-shirt.

Tuesday was, well, punchy. I was short on sleep yesterday, and the TA2 was tedious and inefficient.  I tried to be efficient and made my notecards over lunch. In the afternoon, people were dragging. After the break, though, everyone got really goofy. The instructor was talking about different confusions in grammar. One student asked if there was a list of confusions somewhere, and the instructor tossed the textbook on his desk. Then, somehow, we got into a conversation about the Latin word for “hair-do” or “pompadour” — “Caesaries.” The instructor explained that Caesar was concerned about his thinning hair and used to wear a crown of laurels to hide it. One student pointed out the all likenesses of Caesar show him with his hair combed forward. Another student asked, “does that mean a combover can be called a cesarean section?” It went on from there.

Tuesday evening I was so sleepy that I crashed with my homework on my lap and had to get up early this morning to do it. In my morning class, TA1 recommended this clip from “Britain’s Got Talent”. Tomorrow we have an exam, so we had a review in my afternoon class. Another classmates recommended this wicked funny movie trailer redux. Finally, SB sent me this clip about a new line of Apple products.

We have watched all four Harry Potter flicks in preparation for #5 at the IMax on Friday. I also enjoy that I can eat mac’n’cheese one night, bbq pork the next, and eel the next. Variety is the spice of life ‘n’ stuff.

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  1. Ellie says:

    I am a total sucker for word plays, and some of the quotes you have shared have me truly laughing out loud!!! I love the sense of humor your classmates and teachers have!