SF: Entry #24

My exam kicked my ass. I had confused one particular vocab word that happened to be a disproportionately large part of the exam. I’m almost just went home after class, but a classmate convinced me to stay for the convivium. It was fun, but no one wanted to do anything afterward.

Potential spoilers below…

Last night, Chad, Hann and I saw the 10:45 showing of Harry Potter (with 3D) at the IMax. I enjoyed it immensely, but I found that afterward, I behaved like my friends did to me after the 3rd movie, explaining everything that was missing from the movie. I liked Harry a lot in the movie. And though his part was so small, Sirius was way cooler in the movie. In the book he’s a childish whiner. I wish there had been more about Neville. Ginny kicks ass; they are totally ramping her up. Did Fred and George’s exit seem weak? How come they never mention in the movies that Cho plays quiddich (and Cedric, both seekers)? And does anyone else remember her turning in the army? I don’t but I could be wrong. I thoght it was her friend. The sixth book must’ve been so short, because I thought occlumency was in that one. Where was the Order of the Phoenix? Aren’t they in the title? I guess we wait for six, because they should be able to get some detail in that flick. Ok, I’m done rambling.

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