SF: Entry #30

Ok, I bought the Harry Potter book today out of fear that if I didn’t read it ASAP everyone who had read it would spoil it. Hann said that people have already been spoiling it on WoW. He said it was human nature to spoil things for other people. It was sitting by the checkout at the school bookstore when I walked in to buy a spiral notebook. When I checked out, the gal asked “did you find everything you were looking for?” and I answered “yes, and then some.”

Saturday we went to Chad’s sifu’s 79th birthday luncheon. Then the rest of the day we were lazy. Chad just got a Wii, and so there has been some Zelda action going on. Sunday we went to game, but the fellow who hosts has too many animals. I took some allergy meds and was in a daze for most of the game. We wrapped up the evening watching Sixteen Candles.

Today we started Phase 2 of the class. In the morning we have a prose reading course, for which I chose medieval readings, and in the afternoon we have poetry, for which I chose Ovid. The classes are shorter (2 hours each rather than 3) but the homework is longer :/

I chatted with Dan after class. As much as I have an issue with people desperately grasping for attention in obnoxious ways, he is even crankier and more vocal about it. He was commenting on the few people in our class that are always making off-hand comments to flaunt their knowledge. He described it, if I can recall it correctly, as standing at the urinal of academia and taking sneaky peeks.

My friend Lauren from class took some pictures on Friday and emailed them to me to post. Hers are better than mine were.

Now it’s time to start my homework…..

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