SF: Entry #31

Tonight was the best convivium so far. It was about Greek theater and music. The lector started by going over some snippets of ancient plays, including satire. He then showed photos of art depicting musicians and actors. He concluded by playing some music tracks, most of which I was actually familiar with in some way or another. But at the wine and eats portion of the gathering, the lector surprised us with a performance of a short parody of a Greek tragedy.

Well, the reading portion of the course is a whole new thing. Our instructor is a really nice guy and our class seems to have a good dynamic, but that’s in part to our shared misery. We spend numerous hours in homework only to come up with shabby translations of St. Augustine or St. Jerome. Fortunately, we are moving on to more spicy matieral, such as St. Columba vs. the Loch Ness Monster. In Ovid, we’ve finished Apollo & Daphne and moved on to Pyramus & Thisbe, which makes me think of the Kevin Kline version of Midsummer.

Dinner time (yes, I know it’s 10:30pm).

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