SF: Entry #32

Today was chock full of ups and downs.

How to cash a money order in San Francisco:
1) try several banks; however, they will not cash it
2) sign the money order over to a friend that works at a bank
3) wait for friend to tell you that they wouldn’t cash it without your presence
4) go together to cash it; you will be declined, so try several branches; it’s good exercise
5) give in and go to a check-cashing place that will charge you an arm and a leg
6) be surprised when they also won’t cash it
7) go to Western Union; keep trying, because the third branch you try will actually do it after they check your credit rating and fax corporate to get you approved
8) now you can afford lunch and a bus pass

Today we visited the Mission and the Castro. Lots of shopping (I like to shop vicariously through Chad and Hann). I got hit on by a tranny (m2w). She came up to me while I was looking at something in a store and said something like, “I wanted to see what you looking at because you look like someone with good taste.” The smart-ass in me wanted to say, “My Walmart corduroys are a giveaway,” but I said “I’m looking at that cool necklace.” She asked me if I knew where the cute girls are, and then said to Chad and Hann, “You better say ‘right next to us’.” We chatted for a short bit because she was asking where we hang out, and we admitted to being homebodies and that I spent almost all my time doing homework. The chat lasted about 3 minutes, and then we looked at the merchandise for a few moments and she left.

Had some pretty yummy Korean food last night and stopped at a yummy dessert place today. For lunch, Chad had planned on taking me to Mexican place that had been recommended to him, but as we walked by a Popeye’s, we both looked at each with that look that said “we should really get Popeye’s”. Then we said out loud “we should really get Popeye’s”.

The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” —Mark Twain

Clare: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquichicken.
Chad: Our chief weapon is *clearly* surprise.

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